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"I've been interested in owning a good quality Hanko for years, so that I could make my students Reiki certificates look more professional. How lucky was I to happen across Kanji Hanko? They personally answer your sales query very quickly and despatch your Hanko equally as quickly. The Hanko themselves are a beatiful work of art and look great on certificates. I was partcularly impressed by the decorative Japanese packaging that they arrive in! I would recommend Kanji Hanko to anyone wishing to experience genuine Japanese courtesy and professional craftmanship in its finest form.
Alan Payne. Reiki Master Teacher."

I AM Healing with Angels

from Kanji-hanko.com:
Thank you very much for your comment. We enjoyed not only creating hanko, but also talking with you by email. We've never been to UK, but we would like to visit in future! It was a great opportunity to serve you and we wish you continued success and happiness.


"Today I received the Hanko for our nonprofit budo school Taka Budo Dokokai Martial Arts Inc.
The quality is outstanding, much better than the old Hanko I purchased online.
The ordering went very smooth and I received lots of very good help from the store.
I highly appreciate the service, and recommend "Kanji Hanko" without any doubt!"

Taka Budo Dokokai Martial Arts Inc.

from Kanji-hanko.com:
Mr. Feijter is an expert with doctor-level in educational field.
He practice Bushido starting from 1980. After dedicating many years, he started Taka Budo Dokokai.
At his dojo, many children also enjoy Japanese traditional martial arts.


"Kanji Hanko is a familiar and nice company, full of professionality, but specially: kind and brilliant humans.
Feeling delighted to have the honour they prepared , so kindly, my hanko. Their work is based in listening, patience, kindness, tradition and happiness.
Thank you very much for everything.
ありがとうございました. Smile always"


from Kanji-hanko.com:
She is a painter who lives in Spain. Her artworks are so beautiful and warm-hearted. Her personality is also very warmhearted.(^^)
Please visit her website and look at attractive artworks!
fullsize painting


from Kanji-hanko.com:
Our customer Mr.Darryl is a painter who paints nature and animals in peaceful settings who believe in peaceful thoughts, meditation. He sent us his beautiful painting with his hanko!!
fullsize painting


"We received our hanko today and everything looks perfect.Thank you for doing such a good job and for the friendly service."

from Kanji-hanko.com:
"OspreyFox" Headquaters Office was founded by Mr.Shereef and located in Osaka, Japan.OspreyFox is an engineering and design studio that focuses on aftermarket, performance parts for the motorsports and powersports industries!


"Thank you very much for the fan and the nice wrapping of the hankos.
I definitely will advertise your service and easy handling of orders.
Greetings from Germany !"

from Kanji-hanko.com:
He made torii(gate of a Japanese shrine) with his father in law for his Aikido Dojo.
The torii looks really nice!!

Mr. Esteban

"Awesome customer service, Great product, Great packaging!
If you are looking for your personal hanko, Kanji-Hanko is the way to go!"

from Kanji-hanko.com:
introduced on Youtube by Mr Esteban who is a teacher at GOHITSH Shodo Studio (Japanese calligraphy)!!
GOHITSH Shodo Studio


from Kanji-hanko.com:
Let us introduce Mr.Matthew who is a great martial arts instructor. (Shihan)
He ordered dojo's hanko from Kanji-Hanko.com.
His dojo 'Keatdo Martial arts Siejitsu dojo' is a traditional dojo in a modern world.
Thank you very much, Matthew sensei for your student's photo!

Mr. Derry

"Konnichi wa Kanji-Hanko.com.
I just wanted you to know that the hanko I ordered for my niece arrived on Monday and everything was in excellent condition.
May I say also that we were very impressed with the special details, the gift packaging and the added items you included with the hanko.
We feel like we not just customers but friends of the Kanji-Hanko.com family!"

from Kanji-hanko.com:
He introduced us to his favorite Japanese arts and crafts shop "BINGOYA" san!


"As the director of the Ohashi Institute, I have been using “Hanko” for our Certificates of Graduation for the last 45 years. At kanji-hanko.com I find the best quality of hanko. Also, I highly respect their honest quality of service." - OHASHI

from Kanji-hanko.com:
Thank you very much for your kindness, Mr.Ohashi.

Mr. Jan

from Kanji-hanko.com:
Mr. Jan runs his own business in Netherlands.
Raven(鴉) is his favorite animal!
His company:
Corboo Schonmaak Schoonmaak met Zorg en Aandacht


from Kanji-hanko.com:
He is an artist and Novelist.
He gave us his book 'DEMIGOD' with his hanko!


from Kanji-hanko.com:
Mr.Jared is Aikido practitioner.
Aikido (合気道) is Japanese martial arts.
We hope for your success for Aikido.


from Kanji-hanko.com:
Ms.Yoriko is a Italian chef.
We used to enjoy her cooking, when we lived in Tokyo.Her cooking is amazing!
Her restaurant:
Aron's Dining