for Personal Use for Gift for Souvenir for Karate Dojo

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Just For You,
Only One In The World!

Our Beautiful
Japanese Wrapping Will Be
Great For A Gift!

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We can deliver your hanko to your hotel!

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Special Kanji for You
We will try to our best find you special kanji for you!

We will propose a best Kanji Hanko that meets your requests!
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We can even make pict image if you like.
You can confirm hanko images before payment.
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New arrival, Urushi hanko!



Wood hanko is the oldest and popular for daily and business use still now.

$38 $43 $62

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Red temperd wood

Red tempered wood

This material certified as a ecological material by Japanese ministry of the environment.

$54 $59 $65

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Black horn

Black horn

The black color helps not to stand our red ink after you use several times.

$58 $65 $69

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Marble horn

Marble horn

The pattern won't be the same, and it can make your hanko the only one in the world.

$117 $120 $122

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Its strength, durability and corrosion resistant, is very suitable for hanko material.

$102 $142

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Mammoth tusk


Kokeshi is the spirit of the mountains.This is very useful and also enjoyable as art work.


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Japanese lacquer is an organic substance made from the sap of the Urushi tree.


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Mammoth tusk

Mammoth tusk

The mammoths' tusks are reemerging from the permafrost in Siberia.


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materials, sightseeing and family movies

for Gift
for friends and family...


for Wedding


for Birthday


for Baby birth


for Graduation

for Martial arts dojo
for instructor and students...


for Dojo's name


for Sensei


for Students


for Certificate

Let's make your dojo's hanko! For Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, Kendo, Iaido, Kick Boxing, MMA …
"Original Kanji-Hanko for your dojo"
We can make your hanko with Shihan, instructor, Dojo's name, or students name.
It can be customized in English, Katakana, Hiragana, and/or Kanji.
This is great for certificate, membership card, gift for students!

for Signature
for personal and artist, for start your own business in Japan ...


for Signing art


for Writting letter


for Bussiness in Japan

Vast experience with many Fishermans, Photographers and Artists!

For students or workers in Japan,

If you are planning to open a bank or sign any other official documents, you will need "Katakana" hanko.(Jitsu-in, Ginko-in)
We also make your company hanko and rubber address stamp.
If you are interested, please mention on "Kanji Request" form.

Enjoy your stay in Japan  

Hi, we have been living in Hiroshima over 30 years and Tokyo for 15 Years.
These places are we definitely recommend to visit while you are in Japan!

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