On this page we have collected the most popular questions, so that you could easily find the answer for almost any question you may have.

This does not affect our own service provision, such as the creation of hanko and customer service.
The postal deliveries may take longer than usual to arrive.
In addition, the postal deliveries to some countries has been suspended. We recommend FedEx for shipments to those countries.
This is a more difficult situation than usual, but we want you to feel confident that we will provide you with an honest service.

Your hanko will be delivered by postal service. It usually takes about 10 days to 2 weeks. (It sometimes take some time for customs clearance.) Tracking is possible except for some countries.

On the tracking details website, it sometimes happens not to be shown details after the package has left Japan. The most of the time, the package is on its way.

The production of hankos involves both mechanical and hand processes. Especially for titanium material, most of the processes are done by machine because of its very high hardness.