Shopping Flow


Please order your hanko on our order page. The order method on the order page is as follows.
[STEP.1] Please choose material. You can scroll horizontally to see the material that is not displayed. You can order more than one item at a time. In that case, please tap the image of the material you want.
[STEP.2] Please tell us your request. To make your hanko, could you tell me a little bit about yourself.
[STEP.3] Please enter shipping information.

Hanko Layout

We will send you the hanko layout. Please check it and give us feedback.
* If the layout does not arrive after 3 days from the order, there is a possibility of an email error. We are sorry, but please contact us.


Once the layout is decided, We will send you the payment information of the total amount of the hanko and shipping fee via PayPal. Shipping fee is $9 worldwide. (Shipping to Japan is $5.)


We will start making your hanko when we receive your payment. We usually ship within 3 days. It takes about 5 days for the custom-made size and titanium hanko. We will ship it as soon as it is completed.